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Mona's Story....

I was born and brought up in the UK (London).  My parents originally came from Goa, India.

I came to a point in my life being raised a catholic that I felt God was so far away that if I died tomorrow I would not go to heaven.  I was concerned about that!  So I began searching..

A newspaper came through our door one day called “Good News”.  It contained stories of people who had received joy, they had come to know the Lord after they had repented (being sorry for their sins), and asked Jesus to come into their life (as the bible says).  Their lives at this point changed and they received a Joy that they could not explain. 

Reading their stories made me want the same thing, as I did not have that as a religious person.  So I too did the same and experienced that joy.  It was wonderful.  I began to read my catholic bible.. little by little, I began to read that I as a catholic was not doing the same things that the bible said to do, but when I did do them, I experienced more joy and peace.  And I did feel like everything was new, I began to get convicted when I did something wrong, and eventually the Lord led me out of all the religious traditions that I used to do as a catholic.

I came to know the truth and the truth set me free!  Jesus is the ONLY way the truth and the life!  No man comes to the Father but by Him!  Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man.  Call no religious leader father, as the bible says.  The bible really opens your eyes to the truth.  Be a bible believing Christian not a follower of religion, because Jesus has come to give life and life in all it’s fullness.  And from the bible, Jesus is going to judge us (John 12:48).  It’s everything!

As Jesus said "We must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven", John 3:3.  



This happened probably around 15 or more yrs ago....


After I got baptised in the Holy Spirit, my eyes were opened to the importance of getting baptised as a believer!  I searched the scriptures, especially all thru’ the book of Acts, I noticed they got baptised in the NAME of Jesus Christ in obedience to Jesus Commands in the book of Matthew!

They always seemed to use the name of Jesus over them in baptism rather than just saying the titles over them (father son & Holy Spirit)!


Acts 2:38, ‘Repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost’ is a major scripture used for salvation!  Peter’s words!


When I saw that, I was so glad to find out that the Pentecostal church that my sister was going to baptised that way also!  I WANTED TO do everything the bible way, as opposed to following a church system (as brought up catholic).  So it was wonderful when I did get baptised & my life was changed...


I know the great bible teacher David Pawson baptises that way & teaches it, and it seems even Cliff Richard is baptised that way!


ALSO, there is a wonderful group that is sweeping the world, who have gone back to the bible!  THEY ARE CALLED THE LAST REFORMATION, I’ll post a link to their video!  They baptise into Christ, they often say, when they baptise people!  Awesome things are happening when people get baptised this way, many deliverances take place in the water, & many are filled with the Holy Spirit in the water!



My friend, Ignatius also, is wanting to share his testimony on this with you!  See his separate testimony on this site!

Here is the link to other video I mentioned above!:


Blessings, Mona

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